Inscriptions from the 10th century indicate that this high mountain district which takes its name from the ancient, windblown town at 1,500 meters-was the earliest known kingdom in Bali.

Its small houses are constructed of wood and bamboo tiles to give warmth in the cold evenings of the highlands. Plentiful vegetables and fruits prosper in the damp climate.

Like many of the old villages in Bali, the center of community affairs is the bale agung, the village assembly hall, where the elders of the desa authority meet once a month. The dances of Kintamani are varieties of the Sanghyang trance dance, rarely performed in other parts of the island. Every third morning, the main street becomes a gay bazaar for all the surrounding villages. There are several small hotels for an overnight stay while exploring the area. Not far north of town, a dirt road branches left down towards Lake Bratan, and to the village of Slulung with its interesting little, stepped pyramids.


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