Below are listings of the bronze items we currently feature. We also have hand bags, furniture, wood carvings, metal work, pottery items, colorful kites, and miscellaneous items. Please remember that we can custom design many different handmade Bali crafts to your specifications. To view our wholesale price list, please sign in here. If you would like more information on the products featured, as well as custom designs, please contact us at:

Name: Buddha head piece
Item Number: KDR009
Material: Bronze
Description: This is a truly splendid large sized bronze Buddha head, perfect for display and makes a great conversation piece.

Name: Standing Buddha
Item Number: KDR010
Material: Bronze
Description: A beautiful decorative item, this is a bronze Buddha standing atop an ornatelly designed pedastal.

Name: Buddha display head
Item Number: KDR011
Material: Bronze
Description: This is a large bronze Buddha head, on a display pedastal. A wonderful work of art.

Name: Sitting Halo Buddha
Item Number: KDR012
Material: Bronze
Description: This gorgeous 15 centimeter tall bronze Buddha statue features a halo around the head.

Name: Variety of Bronze Items
Item Number: KDR013a, KDR013b, KDR013c, KDR013d, KDR013e
Material: Bronze
Description: A variety of bronze items, each sold seperately. These items are truly remarkable works of art and craftsmanship.

Name: Large Buddha Head
Item Number: KDR014
Material: Bronze
Description: this large bronze Buddha head measures 30 centimeters in height and is a beautiful display item, perfect for either the desk or a display case.

Name: Large Buddha Head 2
Item Number: KDR015
Material: Bronze
Description: This beautiful piece of art is the same design as KDR014, only it measures 60 centimeters in height. This will definately generate attention wherever it is displayed.

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