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Name: Tray 1
Item Number: KDX001
Material: Bamboo/Rattan
Description: A beautiful square shaped tray made from dark bamboo and rattan. A wonderfully elegant design.

Name: Tray 2
Item Number: KDX002
Material: Rattan
Description: This round shaped rattan tray is an exquisite piece of craftsmanship. It is both a decorative as well as a functional design.

Name: Tray 3
Item Number: KDX003
Material: Bamboo/Rattan
Description: This round shaped light bamboo/rattan tray is also a magnificent item. Great for bringing guests that afternoon tea on the veranda.

Name: Tray 4
Item Number: KDX004
Material: Bamboo/Rattan
Description: This square shaped bamboo/rattan tray, with its carved in carrying handles, is a gorgeous design.

Name: Ato Tray 1
Item Number: KDX005
Material: Ato Grass / Wood
Description: This beautiful round tray is made from Ato Grass. A rare grass only known to grow in certain places on Bali, and only known to certain village craftsmen. This tray also features an exquisite inlaid pattern.

Name: Ato Bowls 1
Item Number: KDX006
Material: Ato Grass
Description: This collection of 3 bowls made from the rare Ato Grass, includes a square bowl, a medium sized round bowl and a smaller round bowl. All 3 also include covers.

Name: Wood Bowls 1
Item Number: KDX007
Material: Wood
Description: This set of 4 small round wooden bowls all include a unique carved pattern. Sold as a set.

Name: Ato Bowls 2
Item Number: KDX008
Material: Ato Grass
Description: This set of 3 bowls includes 2 medium and 1 large round bowl. Made from the rare Ato Grass, these handmade bowls are wonderful decorative items.

Name: Ato Tray 2
Item Number: KDX009
Material: Ato Grass / Wood
Description: This unique square shaped tray made of Ato Grass and wood is inlaid with a beautiful design pattern.

Name: Ato Bowls 3
Item Number: KDX010
Material: Ato Grass
Description: This is a set of 3 oblong round shaped bowls, complete with top covers, and feautures a beautiful inlaid pattern on the cover.

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