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Name: Ato Tissue Holder
Item Number: KDX032a,b,c
Material: Ato Grass
Description: Each of these 3 designs is sold seperately. They come in the following sizes:
KDX032a - 13cm X 8cm X 5cm
KDX032b - 23cm X 12cm X 6cm
KDX032c - 27cm X 13cm X 8cm
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Name: Ato Rectangular Jewelry Case
Item Number: KDX033a,b,c,d,e
Material: Ato Grass
Description: Fabulous and unique jewelry cases which come in the following sizes and are each sold seperately:
KDX033a - 5cm X 5cm X 4cm
KDX033b - 8cm X 8cm X 5cm
KDX033c - 10cm X 10cm X 5cm
KDX033d - 12cm X 12cm X 5cm
KDX033e - 15cm X 15cm X 8cm

Name: Ato Storage Box
Item Number: KDX034
Material: Ato Grass
Description: Great for storing items, this box made of Ato Grass measures 26cm X 13.5cm X 8cm

Name: Ato Basket
Item Number: KDX035a,b,c
Material: Ato Grass
Description: Each of these baskets are sold seperately and they measure:
KDX035a - 24cm X 15cm X 5cm
KDX035b - 22cm X 8cm X 4cm
KDX035c - 16cm X 16cm X 5cm

Name: Ato Jewelry Box Small
Item Number: KDX036
Material: Ato Grass
Description: This unique and hexagonally shaped jewelry box is a cute design for keeping your precious items. It makes a practical and elegant gift too.

Name: Ato Jewelry Box Medium
Item Number: KDX037
Material: Ato Grass
Description: Also in the six sided hexagon shape, this is a bit bigger than KDX036, and also makes a great gift.

Name: Ato Basket
Item Number: KDX038
Material: Ato Grass
Description: This gorgeous basket is woven from Ato Grass and measures 40cm X 30cm X 9cm.

Name: Ato Tobacco Case
Item Number: KDX039
Material: Ato Grass
Description: Makes a great gift as a tobacco case, or any other small storage item. It measures 7cm X 4cm X 10cm.

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