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Name: ATO 1
Item Number: KDB014
Material: Ato Grass
Description: This beautiful hand bag is made from a rare grass called Ato Grass, which is only found in certain places on Bali, known only to certain village artists. This lovely design features an inlaid diamond pattern.

Name: ATO 2
Item Number: KDB015
Material: Ato Grass
Description: This design, also made of the rare Ato Grass, features a folding top with clasp, and a beautiful inlaid design pattern. Truly a remarkable item.

Name: ATO 3
Item Number: KDB016
Material: Ato Grass
Description: This design, also made of Ato Grass, features a unique diamond inlaid pattern as part of the overall handbag design. Also with folding top and side clasp, a magnificent hand bag for any occasion.

Name: ATO 5
Item Number: KDB018
Material: Ato Grass
Description: Made from the rare Ato Grass, this lovely hand bag with the folding top and side clasp is higher, and more oblong in shape.

Name: Grass 1
Item Number: KDB019
Material: Sea Grass
Description: Made from sea grass, this set of 3 rounded handbags features a small, medium, and large hand bag with a braided diagonal design.

Name: Grass 2
Item Number: KDB020
Material: Sea Grass
Description: Also made from sea grass, this set of 3 rectangular handbags come in small, medium, and large with a striped design and a streak of red in the green and beige colors.

Name: Cotton 1
Item Number: KDB021
Material: Cotton
Description: Made from cotton, for easy care, this lovely handbag comes in a striped design. The perfect handbag for formal occasions, yet versatile for every day use as well.

Name: Cotton 2
Item Number: KDB022
Material: Cotton
Description: This cotton hand bag features darker textured horizontal stripes. Easy to care for, and a wonderful hand bag for all occasions.

Name: Cotton 3
Item Number: KDB023
Material: Cotton
Description: This cotton hand bag is similar in design to KDB022, with the darker textured horizontal stripes, but with a deeper and larger size.

Name: Cotton 4
Item Number: KDB024
Material: Cotton
Description: A dark gray textured cotton hand bag, with beautiful carrying handles. This bag is simple and easy to care for.

Name: Ato 6
Item Number: KDB025
Material: Ato Grass
Description: This exquisite set of 2 hand bags, made from the rare Ato Grass features a unique design pattern, along with round wooden handles.

Name: Pandan Handle
Item Number: KDB026
Material: Pandan
Description: Another beautiful design, featuring wooden handles, is a great hand bag with a contemporary look.

Name: Cotton 5
Item Number: KDB027
Material: Cotton
Description: Featuring a beautiful plaid design, this cotton hand bag is a beautiful eye catcher in any crowd.

Name: Cotton 6
Item Number: KDB028
Material: Cotton
Description: This is a plaid green, dark blue, and white design. This gorgeous cotton hand bag also features wooden handles for that elegant look.

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