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Name: Elegan Kapas 1
Item Number: KDB063
Material: Cotton
Description: Gorgeous and elegant, this cotton hand bag has round wooden handles and measures 22cm X 33cm X 8cm.

Name: Elegan Kapas 2
Item Number: KDB064
Material: Cotton
Description: A lovely multi-colored design, featuring horizontal white and taupe colors, accented by gorgeous rounded wooden handles. The measurements are 15cm X 27cm X 9cm.

Name: Elegan Kapas 3
Item Number: KDB065
Material: Cotton
Description: This is a gorgeous light greenish hued design, and makes a great elegant accessory. It measures 22cm X 29cm X 13cm.

Name: Elegan Kapas 4
Item Number: KDB066
Material: Cotton
Description: This bluish hued hand bag is a stunning work, with its comfortable shoulder straps, also in blue, it measures 16cm X 29cm X 8cm in size.

Name: Elegan Kapas 5
Item Number: KDB067
Material: Cotton
Description: A very stylish design, this gorgeous cotton hand bag makes great accessory for any occasion. It measures 16cm X 26cm X 11cm.

Name: Elegan Kapas 6
Item Number: KDB068
Material: Cotton
Description: A beautiful and practical design, this hand bag is checkered with white and taupe, and has black carrying straps. It measures 25cm X 31cm X 11cm.

Name: Elegan Kapas 7
Item Number: KDB069
Material: Cotton
Description: Similar in design to KDB067, only with a bluish green tone, and a lovely yellow star, this is a great looking accessory for any occasion. It measures 16cm X 26cm X 11cm.

Name: Elegan Kapas 8
Item Number: KDB070
Material: Cotton
Description: Very similar in style to KDB064, only a darker tone, and featuring a lovely red and white flower, this hand bag is a wonderful companion. It measures 17cm X 29cm X 12cm.

Name: Elegan Kapas 9
Item Number: KDB071
Material: Cotton
Description: This design is similar to KDB063, only with a bluish green tone, and yellow star. It measures 24cm X 33cm X 8cm.

Name: Elegan Kapas 10
Item Number: KDB072
Material: Cotton
Description: Also similar to KDB063, this design has a red tone color and is an attention getter. It also measures 24cm X 33cm X 8cm.

Name: Elegan Kapas 11
Item Number: KDB073
Material: Cotton
Description: A gorgeous dual toned red design, with an inlaid flower pattern on the clasp, this is a marvelous hand bag and certainly an eye catcher. It measures 26cm X 41cm X 12cm.

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