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Name: Practis Cantic 1
Item Number: KDB045
Material: Cotton
Description: These designs, meaning both practical and beautiful in Indonesian, are very lovely indeed. This design features a taupe colored fabric, interspersed with 2 white stripes. Elegant as well as practical.

Name: Practis Cantic 2
Item Number: KDB046
Material: Cotton
Description: A gorgeous fabric design, featuring red, purple, and dark blue accents. This beautiful hand bag is certainly an eye catcher.

Name: Practis Cantic 3
Item Number: KDB047
Material: Cotton
Description: A gorgeous and lively design, with yellow handles, and taupe and white cotton design patter, highlighted by a pink flower.

Name: Practis Cantic 4
Item Number: KDB048
Material: Cotton
Description: Unique design, in blue and gray vertical stripes, and round wooden handles with a very nice fold over clasp, this hand bag adds a touch of style to any occasion.

Name: Practis Cantic 5
Item Number: KDB049
Material: Cotton
Description: A tasteful and pleasing design, this hand bag features wooden handles, in dark blue, highlighted by a purple/blue flower on the front.

Name: Practis Cantic 6
Item Number: KDB050
Material: Cotton
Description: Similar in design to KDB049, but featuring a lighter shade cotton fabric. Also very elegant, very practical, and very lovely.

Name: Practis Cantic 7
Item Number: KDB051
Material: Cotton
Description: Featuring a checkered dark grayish fabric, accented by a pink and white flower and lovely wooden handles, this is a beautiful match of grace and beauty.

Name: Practis Cantic 8
Item Number: KDB052
Material: Cotton
Description: Similar in design to KDB051, this hand bag has a dark blue checkered cotton fabric. Also very stylish.

Name: Practis Cantic 9
Item Number: KDB053
Material: Cotton
Description: A very lovely hand bag, featuring dark blue and lighter blue vertical stripes, accented by a light blue and red flower on the front.

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